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Launch Your Supervision Practice

Gain Supervisees and Increase Your Revenue Streams

Are you ready to start providing supervision? Or have you already started but feel like you're not making progress in bringing on new supervisees?

You can add more supervisees, increase your income, take an emotional and mental break from 1:1 sessions or direct care, and continue to use the skills you have worked hard to develop over the years by supporting the next generation of mental health providers. 
Inside the Launch Your Supervision Workshop you will learn...
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  • Learn how and where to market your supervision
  • Learn how to attract the supervisees that best suite your skill set
  • Learn how to structure sessions to fit your style and goals
  • Learn how to price your services
  • Learn how to protect yourself as a supervisor
  • Learn how to understand your supervision style and how to be utilize it for the benefit of you and your supervisees, and much more.
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A Few of the Topics We'll Cover
  • You'll learn to understand your supervision style and how it impacts your supervisees and the way you provide supervision.
  • Understand who your ideal supervisee will be.
  • Not only WHERE to market your services but HOW to market you services.
  • How to protect yourself in terms of liability and licensure, and things to consider that you may not have thought of.
  • You will receive templates to help you create the best experience for you and your supervisees.
  • BONUS:  Recommended resources for supervision
  • BONUS: Planners & Tools to assist you and your supervisees in covering the necessary topics and resources as part of training supervision. VALUE of $27
  • BONUS: Discount code for The Ultimate Supervision Guide, which can be used by a supervisor or supervisee to help direct, track, and guide supervision. VALUE of $47

Get Immediate Access to...

✅ The Recommended Resources for Supervision


✅ The Identifying Who You Are Questions Worksheet


✅ The Top 12 Supervision Tools


✅ The Ideal Supervisee Questions


✅ The Leadership/Supervisor Boundary Worksheet


✅ The Leadership/Supervisor Mindset Worksheet


✅ The Structuring You Supervision Session Worksheet


✅ The Ways To Advertise Services


✅ The Ways To Protect Yourself


✅ Bonus: The Supervision Log Template


✅ Bonus: The Core Competencies Planners


✅ Bonus: The Topics Planners

A $397 VALUE FOR $97!!

The Launch Your Supervision Workshop is designed to help you take immediate action. Don't wait to get started.

What to Expect After You Have Purchased

  • When you enroll, you’ll be prompted to create a password. You’ll use this password to login to the member area.

  • Inside the member area, you’ll find all the workshop materials available immediately.

  • You’ll also receive a welcome email direct from me to your email inbox.

  • If you have a question that I haven't answered, please reach out to me at

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