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30 Days of Positive Affirmations

Have you ever found yourself buried in the negative thoughts? When we are always thinking negative our breathing increases, we sweat more, and our blood pressure rises. These negative thoughts can lead to a negative impact on our physical body and our mental well being. Positive thinking on the other hand can help our brains feel more secure and under control. A way to start positive thinking is with positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive reminders that can be used to encourage and motivate yourself. Say them out loud, say them softly, or say them in the mirror just remember to say them.

1. I am doing my best 2. I love myself and body 3. I am worthy 4. I believe in myself 5. I am brave, and beautiful 6. I am talented and intelligent 7. I will be kind to myself today 8. I am on my side 9. I take care of myself 10. I am an amazing person 11. I forgive myself for my mistakes 12. I choose my own attitude 13. I am choosing to have an amazing day 14. I am capable 15. I am flawed but fabulous 16. I deserve JOY 1 17. I value my time 18. My thoughts matter 19. I deserve self-care 20. I am enough 21. I am amazing 22. I choose to think positively today 23. My feelings matter 24. I believe in the person I dream of becoming 25. I am confident 26. I am allowed to be a work in progress 27. I am strong 28. My positive thoughts create positive feelings 29. I believe in myself 30. I am who I choose to be

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