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COVID-19: How to talk about vaccines when it's a debated topic in your family

As we begin the new school year whether through grade school, public, private, homeschool, or college there is bound to be a lot of talk regarding taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Especially among families and close friends. Address your opinion on the vaccines with your family if that is what you would like to do. If you prefer for your stance to remain to your self let them know that as well. Your boundaries on the topic belong to you so maintain them.

Remember setting boundaries is not selfish; it is refusing to allow yourself to be harmed and accepting responsibility for our own beliefs, feelings, and actions.

If a family member or friend cannot respect your boundary on the subject then feel free to remove yourself from unnecessary situations or places.

If you do decide to engage in conversation with family members about the topic of vaccines state your opinions and also actively listen to other opinions. People can disagree on a topic respectfully and continue to move forward in the conversation.

Communicate to your comfort but don’t for yourself into a position of discomfort.

Until Next Time….Stay Motivated.

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