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I absolutely love engaging with others and sharing my knowledge and passion.  It's always a pleasure to connect with those in the profession and those outside the profession to learn and grow from the work we do with one another.  Here you will find a few of the ways I have been able to connect with others. 

Social Workers Rise Podcast

Listen to me chat with Catherine Moore on Episode "Clinical Supervision Industry Chat" to learn more on supervising in the mental health field. Find it here.

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Let's Talk About It with Shania Kelly

Come listen to an honest discussion with a group of mental health therapist on the topic of "Do We Have Access to Mental Health Care?"  Find it here.

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Supervision Smorgasbord

Come listen to me talk about my passion for supervision, why I got into it, how I help others, and upcoming offerings.  Episode "Supervision Talk with Amy Smitke."  You can listen here.

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