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About Amy

I'm Amy, and this is not just my profession; it's my calling. With years of experience in the trenches of clinical work and a transition into a coaching and mentoring role, I've dedicated my life to the betterment of mental health professionals and the clients they serve.

My path began with a profound interest in human behavior and a desire to facilitate healing. With a Master's degree from The Ohio State University and hands-on experience in therapy, I witnessed the transformative power of understanding and compassion. However, as I navigated the complexities of therapy, specializing in substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, and life transitions, I realized my impact could extend further.

Pursuing my doctorate in Community Care & Counseling with a focus on trauma, I not only deepened my clinical expertise but also found my true passion in coaching. I transitioned from being a frontline clinician to a mentor, guiding mental health professionals as they refine their skills and enhance their therapeutic impact.

My approach to coaching is rooted in the belief that every professional has the potential to make an extraordinary impact. I've seen firsthand how the right guidance, tools, and encouragement can transform good practitioners into great ones.


As you navigate your career, remember that growth is a journey, not a destination. I am here to walk that path with you, offering the wisdom, support, and insights I've gathered over my years of practice and study.


Amy Smitke, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC
Founder of Motivated Wellness Solutions, Coaching Upwards, and Co-Founder of TheraVault

How I Can Help

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