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Clinical Resources

Finding the Right Clinical Supervisor

Are you having trouble finding the right clinical supervisor or unsure how to go about it? Try this free guide to help in your next interview to set you up for success and growth in the field.



  • 5 questions to determine fit and growth opportunities.

  • 10 tips on verifying the best supervisor.

  • Post-interview recap.

Check out the shop to get your Clinical Supervision Journal to assist in making the most out of supervision.

All Hands In

17 Alternative Jobs for Therapists

Too often we find ourselves stuck, burnt, overwhelmed, feeling lackluster, or stuck in our field. We are often taught, told, or assume we can only do a handful of different jobs with our education, knowledge, and experience. This is not the case. Step outside of the box.


Get your copy today, and start stepping outside the box.

Compass Pointing North

Negative Thinking

Is negative thinking sabotaging your success? Use this guide to take back control and master your recovery. Stop living in your head and learn to live in the here and now.



  • Free downloadable guide

  • 7 Action steps with examples

  • 2 Worksheets

Bright Idea Bulb

Healthy Relationships Recovery Group

This carve-out piece of curriculum walks you and clients through a 3 hours Intensive Outpatient Group on Understanding and Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery.



-Outline including time breakdown

-2 Group Activities and Directions

-Psycho-Education Information

-Discussion Points for each Section


Autumn Road

Want to get started in your own private practice? Don't want to deal with insurances? Here are two great places to get started with. 

Headway link here.

Sondermind link here Amy Smitke is your referrer.

(I do receive a referral bonus.)

Looking to scale your business or struggling to find the right support tools to do so. Below are recommended links to streamline your life, business, and more. 


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