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Happy Social Work Month!

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Happy Social Work Month!


I’m kicking of our blog series with National Social Work Month! March is National

Social Worker’s month and a time to celebrate the social work profession!

This year’s theme set by the National Association of Social Workers is Social Workers

are Essential.

They are social workers are everywhere. They work in schools, in mental health centers,

substance abuse centers, and private practices.

The beautiful aspect about social work is its an amazingly diverse field that is integrated

multiple industries, demographics and economic status. I know sometimes people view

social workers as primarily child protective service workers however there are many titles

a social worker may also have. There also titles such as medical social worker, diversity

trainer, grief counselor, college professor, or policy advocate.

Social Workers gained national visibility over the last year visibility as communities have

undergone a wide range of crisis. Whether it was helping isolated older adults, remote

schooling, or sheltering people experiencing homelessness many were quick to provide

resources and mental health support. Social workers often are unsung heroes, but they

play an essential role in helping people from different backgrounds to live life to the


I look forward to posting more about social workers and hope you’re able to learn more

about this remarkable profession. Don’t forget to say a kind word to the social workers

that you know and let them know, they’re essential….Until next time, stay motivated.

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