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Another Supervision and Social Work

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. Bobby Knight

Let’s keep going on with our Supervision and social work series! I’m in a few social media groups for social workers or for mental health clinicians; I’ve noticed a common topic is what should be discussed in supervision. Case reviews are the topic I see suggested most often. This is great because you should be able to discuss your current caseload with your supervisor. Also if you’re a group supervision set-up, then you have the opportunity to hear other cases. But what are other topics for supervision? How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your 1-hour or 2-hours?

A few other topics for supervision can be:

  • Core competencies: This gives you a chance to reflect on the competencies you’re thriving in or may want improve on. Also this could be a great time to discuss ethical scenarios.

  • Self-care: Ask your supervisor what they do for self-care, share why you haven’t been doing self-care lately.

  • Burnout: How are you feeling lately? Is your caseload more than you anticipated, or do you need make some adjustments? Documentation/Treatment plans: This can be challenging if you’re new to the field, or switching to a different work environment. Ask for suggestions and feedback. Also ask for example notes or treatment plans to help you.

  • Professional opportunities: Don’t forget to grow yourself. Talk to your supervisor about career goals and ask for feedback on different opportunities.

  • Tracking hours: This is an important topic, make sure you’ve discussed with your supervisor where you are logging your hours and how they will be signing them.

If you would like somewhere to write down some of these thoughts, track your hours, and so much more be sure to take a look at The Ultimate Supervision Journal For Social Workers. This is a great resource and comes with expansion packs for future use. It can be purchased on

Until next time….stay motivated!

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