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Anxiety: Managing post-pandemic social anxiety

Your favorite aunt is having a birthday party with 50 guests and

invites you to come; your roommate from college asks you to hang out

at the bar; you went to the park with your kids and it is crowded with

other families. Do these situations give you pause and uncertainty?

Are they causing you uncontrollable worry? It’s possible you could be

dealing with post-pandemic social anxiety. As different numbers go

up and down, and restrictions change it can become easy to be

anxious in social situations.

A few tips for helping to manage your anxiety are:

  • Deep Breathing: Breathe in deep from your diaphragm and release. Take several deep breaths over the span of 20-30 seconds.

  • Take a break: a few minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes to step away from the situation.

  • Try Grounding! Place both feet flat on the floor. Point your toes up and down several times. Spend a moment noticing the sensations in your feet.

  • Set Boundaries: Do what is okay with you and say no to what is not okay with you.

If your anxiety/worry is preventing you from completely day-to-day

activities seek help from a licensed clinician.

Until next time stay motivated.

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