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Boundaries for Recovery

The unseen personal bubble that you keep around you might be invisible but you are aware of your own comfort space. Although people cannot see our bubble, we are aware when a stranger gets too close to our personal space, like in a crowded room. Similarly to how we define our personal bubbles, we also outline are personal boundaries.

Boundaries have many different forms: which involve:

o Your Time

o Your Energy

o Your Emotions

o Your Values

How do we set healthy boundaries when we are in recovery?

First remember setting boundaries is not selfish, it is refusing to allow yourself to be harmed and accepting responsibility for our own beliefs, feelings and actions.

To begin setting healthy boundaries identify the signs your boundaries currently being or having been violated or ignored. Next, identify the unhealthy behind why you allow your boundaries to be ignored or violated. Identify new healthy thinking and beliefs, which will encourage you to change your behaviors so that you build healthy boundaries between you and others. Find new behaviors to add to your healthy boundary building behaviors toolbox and lastly implement the healthy boundary building behaviors in your life.

Examples of healthy boundaries:

o You make physical boundaries clear to others.

o You can say no or yes, and you are ok when others say no to you.

o You have a strong sense of identity. You respect yourself.

Examples of unhealthy boundaries:

o Is dependent on other(s) for emotional well-being.

o Not protecting your own need for privacy.

o Going against personal values and morals to please others.

Think about a person, or a group of people, with whom you struggle to set healthy boundaries…what are some specific actions you can take to improve your boundaries?

Remember a lack of boundaries will pull you away from being your best. Establishing clear boundaries provides more awareness of our own rights, provides

a strong sense of self, and how we deserve to be treated by others. Until next time…Stay Motivated.

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