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Couples: Discussing "taboo" things with your partner

What do you do when you want to discuss “taboo” things with your partner?

First off what do we consider taboo? Is taboo what other people consider normal? What determines normalcy for you in a relationship? For some it might be piercings or tattoos, how do you approach your spouse if they feel differently? It might surprisingly be just asking

the questions. If you want to know what your partner thinks about attending a swinger party, having a threesome, or maybe trying an adult toy think of the best times to have the conversation. Begin with creating a calm environment to bring it up to your partner. This should not be a conversation used as a fighting tool during an argument. Let your partner know your opinion or openness to the topics. Remember to engage in active listening when your partner shares their opinion or feeling toward the topic. You and your partner may disagree on the topic or have different views try to be open to what your partner would like to say. It might not be easy to initiate these conversations with your partner but taking the first step may increase the communication between the two of you. Simply finding out what your partner thinks on some “taboo” topics could potentially bring you closer.

Until next time stay motivated.

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