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“Cuffing Season” Relationships and Dating

Earlier in the month, we mentioned how it’s starting to colder as we settled into fall and soon winter. This means, cuffing season, which is the time of year when people get into relationships as it gets colder. There are many reasons someone can want to begin relationships during this time of year, not just the weather.

It can feel lonely staying inside during colder, more intense weather. This paired with “Aunt Shirley’s” comments about how you’re still single after all these years, can fuel stress to get into a relationship. But is it worth jumping into a commitment with someone you aren’t interested in? Consider spending time with a variety of relationships: family, friendships, or romantic relationships.

So while it might feel like you have to pair off in the winter, mix and mingle as you see fit. Do you feel pressure to be in a situation during the winter?

Until Next Time... Stay motivated.

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