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Grad School

Maybe you’re thinking of applying to graduate school or you’ve applied to

graduate school and you’ve got accepted. This is exciting news! You are working

your way towards your goals and future career.

I am currently Master of Social Work intern with Motivated Wellness Solutions

LLC, and here are a few things I have learned after completing my first year of

graduate school.

1. Encourage Yourself

Whether you use positive affirmations, quotes, scriptures, cultural proverbs or

post it note reminders, encourage yourself as you begin and continue through the


2. Stay Organized

Organization is a must as you navigate through challenging classes and

assignments. Organize the locations you’ll be saving your assignments and

notes. If you’re using a laptop or computer make a folder for each class and save

the syllabus to the folder. Also organize your notes by topic so you can refer back

to it as needed.

3. Time Management

Not only is organizing your assignments important but so is organizing your time.

Use a paper planner or electronic calendar to schedule class times and study

times. If you’re going to be in program that requires internship hours or volunteer

hours designate the time in your week. Also if you’re wondering how you will

balance full-time or part-time work while in school, use those designate hours for

study sessions to get your assignments completed. Don’t forget to leave 10-20

minutes for yourself, you’re important too!

4. Paying for School

And of course paying for school. There are a few options for graduate school

such as assistantships and fellowships. Many schools advertise these positions

in February and March, but it may not be too late depending on the school you

plan on attending. Also scholarships do exist for graduate students, look for

funding for the career field or program you are entering. For example CSWE

(Council for Social Work Education) offers scholarships for Social Work students

and AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nurses) offers scholarships for

Nursing students.




Also if you are currently working, check with your company/organization to find

out if they offer tuition assistance programs.

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you in embark on your graduate school

journey. Until next time, stay motivated.

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