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Grief During the Holidays

When you’ve lost someone the holidays can be a difficult time of year. It’s tough to look at the empty chair they would sit at. You think about the places or traditions you would’ve done with them before. Grief isn’t a simple emotion, it’s complex, it changes, and it evolves as we evolve. I saw a thread on social media a while back that was about a ball in the box. Inside the box, there is a pain button and there is a large ball, which is grief. When you first feel the grief it is a huge ball and it’s always hitting the pain button. As time goes by your grief ball may get smaller but the pain button is still there. During the holidays there may be a lot of memories or other things that happen that cause the box to shake up and the pain button to be hit. There’s no need to shy away from not being okay. If you need to cry, not watch that movie, or not go to the family dinner that’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay.

Until next time…stay motivated.

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