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Happy Women’s History Month!

Happy Women’s History Month! It’s not secret that women have contributed a lot to the field of social work.

One of the key players in social work was Jane Addams. Jane Addams founded one of the world’s first settlement houses – the renowned Hull House in Chicago

There was also Mary Ellen Richmond who was one of the first social workers to push for professionalization and standardization in the field of social work.

And Ida B. Wells Barnett also contributed to macro level social work, when she founded the National Association of Colored Women’s Club. It was created to address issues dealing with civil rights and women’s suffrage.

There are also women of today who are making history and continuing the legacy of women in social work. Senator Mikulski was the first Democratic woman to serve in both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, and the first woman to win a statewide election in Maryland. She is also the longest serving woman in the history of Congress. The president of the National Association of Social Workers president is Mildred Joyner, who has had an extensive social work career in children and youth services, as well as higher education.

I’m not a famous social worker or currently sitting in a seat in Congress but I’d like to think I’m making my own mark in women’s history. I’m doing things everyday that women in the past were not allowed or encouraged to do. I’m showing the younger women in my life that they make up their own pathways and future. To all the women social workers and those aspiring to be social workers keep making your mark. Until Next Time Stay motivated...

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