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Individual vs. Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy are both beneficial therapy options and share many similarities.

Individual therapy is a one on one treatment that explores the client’s experiences. A few positives that are achieved through individual therapy are:

  • Communicating feelings and emotions

  • Identifying defense mechanisms

  • Gaining insight into troublesome patterns of behavior

  • Increasing self-awareness, self, care, and self-sufficiency

Group therapy involves multiple clients who are facing similar issues, meeting in a session that is led by a trained mental health professional. A few positives attained from group therapy are:

  • Building and gaining trust with others

  • Practicing communication skills

  • Learning effective listening

  • Learning setting healthy boundaries

  • Discovering diverse experiences

You might be wondering what the best option is for you: individual or group? You should consider your own personal preference, what you like or are more comfortable with. Also, consider your personal needs, do you need a flexible schedule or a more structured format? Another consideration is cost, which format aligns with your financial needs. Those are few concerns to think about when choosing which plan will be best for you.

A successful treatment plan will blend the strengths of individual and group therapy, creating the best opportunity for healing for the client.

Until next time, stay motivated.

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