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So many fall colors, of course, this depends on where you live. November brings us right into the middle of fall: weather changes, sweaters, pumpkins, and holidays. The holiday season is among us! Since COVID presented many challenges to us this time last year, this season may look different. It might be holiday shopping, social gatherings, family dinners, or work potlucks.

For some, this might be an exciting time or it might be an anxious time. Here are a few tips as you enter into so many back-to-back holiday events.

Monitor your moods: Do a little self-reflection on how you’re feeling. Check-in with yourself because it can be easy to put others before yourself during the holiday season. You’re important too! So remember that how you’re feeling matters too.

Say “No” Nawh” “Nope”: It’s important to take care of your own needs by setting healthy boundaries. Sometimes we try to be everything to everyone and that can be a heavy load to carry. Turn down a party invite or opt to not make cards for everyone.

End The Conversation: If someone or multiple people engage you in an unwanted conversation, there is no shame in removing yourself from the situation by leaving the room or stepping outside. You can also let that person know that the topic is sensitive and you would rather not discuss it.

It’s okay to be sad: Grief is difficult anytime but often it can be heavier during the holidays. There is no way to replace the presence of a loved one who has passed away, but honoring their memory could be helpful.

Stay Motivated….

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