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My Boundaries

I really enjoy listening to podcasts on my way to work or on my way home. And I’ve noticed there is a lot of talk about boundaries. Boundaries are more than just saying no, it’s also the standards you set for your relationships.

One way to begin setting your boundaries is to notice how people make you feel after your interactions. If something makes you uncomfortable this may be because a boundary has been crossed with you.

When we learn our own boundaries we start to define for others what we will and will not accept. It might look like:

· I’ll come to family dinner once a month, not every week.

· You can take pictures at the event, but don’t post on social media.

· I’m not comfortable going to lunch with coworkers.

· Before coming to my house, call or send a message first.

Sometimes we are willing to accept less from our partners, family members, or friends than we would accept from our work. Your partner might say cook dinner for me and you are willing to give in although you’re exhausted. Your aunt might ask a personal question over dinner, and you’re willing to answer despite your discomfort. We all deserve to feel valued, respected and heard. Communicate with those around you and let them know your boundaries.

Stay Motivated….

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