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Self-Care and the New Year

We have about 1 more week left in 2021 and then it will be 2022. The questions that come up around the time are what did I do this year, what have I achieved, and what will I do next year. It can be overwhelming to think about all that you did or didn’t do during the year. Then there are the questions about the upcoming year, people want to know what you will do, what your resolutions are, etc.

As we enter into the New Year, we can take of ourselves by setting boundaries from people and situations that cause us harm. If someone’s incessant questions about your new year’s plans are causing you to stress set a healthy boundary with them regarding their line of questioning. Remove yourself from those situations and take care of yourself mentally and physically. Try taking a walk around your neighborhood, in the gym, or around the track.

Another way to take care of yourself as we enter into 2022, is by writing down your goals and journaling your thoughts. You can use a phone, tablet, notebook, or planner. These are moments when you can take time just for yourself. Cheers to the New Year, and until 2022, stay motivated.

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