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Spending During the Holidays

We’re coming up no holiday spending time. How can we spend appropriately during the holidays? Between buying gifts, food, decorations, or travel tickets, spending can quickly get out of hand. A spending plan can be exceptionally helpful to visualize the money coming in and going out. A spending plan can be made using an excel sheet or pen and paper. The plan lists all income including pay, alimony, support, or part-time jobs. Next include all expenses: bills, gas, debt, insurance, and groceries. This will show what’s left in your surplus and this is where you can allocate your holiday spending.

Once you have an amount that you plan on spending look at additional ways to save. Searching for great deals on Black Friday is a great way to save.

Two blog sites that keep us updated with great deals are:



If Black Friday shopping isn’t your thing, try to be aware of which stores are having sales. Try to shop at your favorite stores early versus waiting until right before the holiday or special event.

For a more one-on-one experience, a financial planner can help you assess your personal needs. To find a certified financial planner in your area use:

Until next time stay motivated.

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