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Therapy Modalities

Have you considered therapy and you wonder which technique would work

best for you? Or are you a current student interested in learning various


Therapy modalities are:

There are wide varieties that benefit various diagnosis and situations

based on evidence-based research. A few modalities are:

o Dialectical Behavior Therapy

o Play Therapy

o Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

o Experiential Therapy

o Gestalt Therapy

o Motivational Interviewing

o Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

o Cognitive Processing Therapy

o Schema Therapy

The above modalities may be practiced in individual sessions, group

sessions, or a combination of both. Therapy modalities can range in

approach and symptoms they are used to treat, which why some therapists

may use a combination of modalities depending on the individual they are

helping. To find out more on the modalities Motivated Wellness Solutions

LLC. specializes in

Until next time….stay motivated.

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