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Why you need Liability Insurance in Mental Health

Many of us get into the field because we strive to help others, whether that comes from innately who we are as people, or because of our own life circumstances providing us with the will and ability to give back and help others who may similar experiences. We may not think about potential risks associated with helping others.

In school, we may have heard about liability insurance and its benefits, but for most of us we aren't paying attention or its never mentioned. Unfortunately, in the field it rarely brought up or encouraged to utilize for your own personal protection and therefore many of us go through life without our own protection against potential risks associated in our profession. We may think because we have positive intentions that others will also have positive intentions, and most of the time that will be the case and you will be fine. however, there are times you may find yourself in need to additional financial and legal difficulties and the extra support and protection you receive from liability insurance may make a huge difference in your you life.

Most places of employment will have general liability coverage for the business. Keep in mind that it is that, coverage for the business. If you have an issue with the business themselves you may not have any coverage or if the business sees you and the liability associated with you too much risk they are not obligated to cover you. This is where you may find yourself in hot water.

If an issue arises with a business or a client, say a lawsuit occurs you would otherwise have to come out of pocket for the legal fees and administrative fees associated. For many of us in the field, that is simply not financially feasible. Although at times, it may seem not financially feasible to pay for liability insurance, but it will cost you a lot less than a lawsuit. Having your own liability insurance provides you access to coverage for issues with lawsuits, allegations, claims of slander or libel, etc. You will have access to an attorney you can call and ask questions to regarding possibly liability issues or questions.

Regardless of if you work at a community mental health agency, a hospital, a school setting, a government entity, in private practice, or anywhere in between or outside of the normal parameters, consider that liability insurance is still a MUST for you.

Where can you find liability insurance companies?

  • You can start with your state or national organizations, many you can still join without being a member but may find a discount for members. Or go with a few other commonly used companies I have used or have seen other recommendations by mental health professionals use.

  • HPSO you can find the website here.

  • HISCOX you can find the website here.

  • American Professional Agency you can find the website here.

  • CPH & Associates you can find the website here.

I encourage you to shop around for the best price that works for you. Most are a once a year fee. The normal minimum coverage aggregate is 1,000,000 and 3,000,000. You can get the standard coverage. Depending on your situation, you may want to look at adding Cyber, Virtual, or Telehealth as riders to your plan. Call ask them questions. Be sure to get quotes and choose the best plan and rate for you.

Until Next Time ...Stay Motivated!

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