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Mood Management Tools

Many of us find that we have trouble recognizing our own mood fluctuations. By finding these daily patterns can help us decrease the impact they have on our day to day challenges and increase our mood and ability to take life on in an more manageable way.  Check out this daily mood chart and use it with the monthly mood chart to see patterns and make positive changes. 

Often we feel that our emotions are the problem, or that our emotions are irrational and we should and shouldn't feel certain ways about things.  This is inaccurate, our emotions are not necessarily good or bad, negative, or positive.  Our THOUGHTS are what gets in our way and dictate how we feel and therefore how we respond.  Below is an attachment to begin looking at changing those thinking patterns and therefore changing our feelings and reaction.  Also attached is some information on how negative thinking impacts our physical and mental health. 

If you would like to Increase Self-Esteem and Achieve Success, You can find a 7-Step Guide Here 

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