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Resources for Women

Although both men and women are affected by mental health concerns, they are each affected in their own ways and have their own risks. 

Women are more likely to suffer from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.  And may also experience mental health issues differently due to hormonal fluctuations.   

Warning Signs

Women and men can develop most of the same mental disorders and conditions but may experience different symptoms. Some symptoms include:

  • Persistent sadness or feelings of hopelessness

  • Misuse of alcohol and/or drugs

  • Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits

  • Appetite and/or weight changes

  • Decreased energy or fatigue

  • Excessive fear or worry

  • Seeing or hearing things that are not there

  • Extremely high and low moods

  • Aches, headaches, or digestive problems without a clear cause

  • Irritability

  • Social withdrawal

  • Suicidal thoughts

We all need support in our lives for one thing or another.  Check out the links below to find more information and supports available for women.

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