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How Can I Find a Clinical Supervisor?

The process to becoming an independently licensed mental health/behavioral health clinician begins with education. Depending on the type of clinician you would like to become this will determine your educational path. The next step will depend on your goals and licensure.

Finding a clinical supervisor is an important step towards becoming an independently licensed clinician and also a well-rounded clinician. Some of things you want to consider when looking for a supervisor are:

  • Cost: What is the amount of money are you comfortable paying for supervision

  • Group Vs. Individual: Do you have a preference in being one-on-one with your supervisor in being in a group environment?

  • Client Population: What population or experience are you looking for guidance/growth in?

  • Credentials: What credentials would you want the supervisor to have? Do have the necessary credentials to be a clinical supervisor?

  • Hours/Availability: Are they available during the hours you need? Can they meet your requirements for the number of hours your licensure requires?

  • Experience and More Experience: Do they have substantial field experience to help guide you?

Once you have done this self-reflection and decided what you are looking for in a supervisor you can then begin your search for your match! There are many resources, databases, and groups out there to search for a supervisor. These include but of course are not limited to:

Once you have selected a supervisor that will meet your needs, reach out to them through there preferred contact method. You can now initiate the conversation on being a supervisee.

** Don’t forget to look into your state board’s requirement for supervision as well. Especially if you are in a unique circumstance – in one state and preparing for a move for example, contact the state board to find answers that apply to your situation.

For more tips check out the Motivated Wellness Solutions’ free tip sheet:

Have you found your supervisor and you’re ready to start supervision, get a great journal to help guide you to independent licensure:

Until Next time ... Stay motivated

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