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8 Ways to Market Yourself as a Clinical Supervisor

If you are a mental health professional who is looking to become a clinical supervisor, then you need to start marketing yourself. Supervision is a critical component of the mental health profession, and there is high demand for clinical supervisors. By marketing yourself effectively, you can position yourself as a top candidate for supervisory roles. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for marketing yourself as a clinical supervisor.

Many of us find that our state does not provide us with a way to share our experience with others, even though they are required to seek a supervisor. There are states that have a registry on the website, however, many do not. So, there lies the questions, how to prospective supervisees find a qualified supervisor and how do you find supervisees? Thankfully there are a growing number of platforms and avenues that provide us this opportunity, but we first must know about them.

Before you market yourself, you must know a few things. Price, is there a cost associated with your services? Do you want to provide individual and/or group supervision. Virtual or in person. What are you state laws surrounding these three questions. More will be discussed in following blogs around what might be discussed during supervision sessions.

Now let's look at a few places you might market your supervision opportunity.

#1 - Social Media

Facebook is your friends. Join state/local Facebook groups for your respective profession. You will find people often looking for supervision in these groups. If the group allows, you can also individually promote yourself within the group. You can create a nice graphic with a free Canva account to grad attention. Make sure to let them know who you help, how, cost, and the way your supervision is provided.

You can also feel free to join a free Facebook group I run where individuals are looking to find qualified supervisors, you can find that Here.

#2 - State/National Registry

Reach out to your local state board to ask if they may have a registry to be added onto. If you are a member of a state or national membership, check on an available registry.

#3 - Rise Directory

Rise directory offers many services to social workers only. You can register with a free profile, or a paid profile. They offer trainings and services at a low cost for those with a free or no profile. For those are who are paid members, are provided with fantastic tools for supervision including contracts as well as peer consultation groups and trainings. Your membership can cost #23.99 a month or pay for the year for $240. Free to supervisees to search and reach out to supervisors. You can create a free profile here.

#4 - Motivo

Create a free supervisee profile. They offer support, training, and more. Supervisee's can create an account and sign a contract through Motivo to pay for supervision. Motivo pays a flat rate per supervisee and provide a platform for conducting services as well as documentation. You can create your profile here.

#5 - Mojozy

Create a free profile for listing for offering supervision, internship opportunities, and employment opportunities. You can create your profile here.

#5 - Therapy Den

Although therapy den is primarily a hub for clients looking for therapists, a supervise can also list their services as a supervisor as well. You can create a free profile, or pay for an increased profile. You can begin with your free profile here.

#6 - Your Website

If you have a website for your practice or other services, this is a great place to also promote your supervision services.

#7 - Clinical Supervision Directory

This platform helps to link supervisees and supervisors with one another within the mental health field. As a supervisor the cost is $197 annually, and free for those seeking supervision. They additionally offer training, resources, and updates on news and events. Sign up for your account here.

#8 - Indeed

I know that it sounds odd. However, I have had some luck finding supervision opportunities on occasion through indeed. Free to sign up and monitor.


Networking and word of mouth. I have additionally found these to be helpful when others are looking for supervision and are unsure where to look.

A great resource to utilize in supervision is the ultimate supervision guide. You can get your copy here.

It’s important to remember that marketing oneself is an ongoing process. You should always be looking for new opportunities to network and spread the word about your skills, services, and unique selling points. Clinical supervision can help you stay on track and learn new strategies, but it’s up to you to put yourself out there and make a name for yourself in your field. What are some of the ways you’ve marketed yourself clinically?

Until next time... Stay Motivated!

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